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Icon Credits

Flag Icons made by Freepik from and licensed by Creative Commons 3.0, except for:

  • [Catalan flag] by J0anJosep licensed under Public Domain

New Unciv logo made by u-ndefined on Discord

Base tile icons for the "Fantasy Hex" tileset belong to CuddlyClover @ with a few additions by various contributors

Tile improvements and units, as well as the terrains and improvements for HexaRealm tileset, are made by The Bucketeer / @GeneralWadaling and are licenced under Creative Commons 3.0

Units for the AbsoluteUnits unitset are made by letstalkaboutdune and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Promotional trailer for Steam and other storefronts made by letstalkaboutdune

Unless otherwise specified, all the following are from the Noun Project licenced under either Creative Commons or Public Domain

Stat icons

  • Gear by Alex Bickov for Production
  • Apple by Pedro Gonçalves for Food
  • gold by Eliricon for Gold
  • Beaker by Delwar Hossain for Science
  • Music by Naomi Atkinson for Culture
  • Smiley by Alexander Skowalsky for Happiness
  • Dove by Sandra for Faith
  • User by Stéphanie Rusch for Population
  • Unhappy By Daryl Vandermont for Malcontent


Ancient Era

  • Hammer By Hea Poh Lin for Worker
  • Flag By Melvin Poppelaars for Settler
  • Eagle By anggun for Scout
  • Axe By ehab.abdullah for Warrior
  • Haka By Josh for Maori Warrior
  • Spiked Club by Hamish
  • Bow And Arrow By Viktor Ostrovsky for Archer
  • Bow By Arthur Shlain for Bowman
  • Javelin By WEBTECHOPS LLP for Atlatlist
  • arrows by Ayub Irawan for Skirmisher
  • Fishing Vessel By Luis Prado for Work Boats
  • Greek Trireme By Zachary McCune for Trireme
  • Greek Trireme By Zachary McCune for Quinquereme. The original work has been modified.
  • dragon by BGBOXXX Design for Dromon
  • Viking Boat by Eucalyp for Galley
  • Chariot By Andrew Doane for Chariot Archer
  • Elephant By Luis Prado for War Elephant
  • Centaur by Michael Wohlwend for Horse Archer
  • Spear By Stephen Copinger for Spearman
  • Greek shield for Hoplite
  • ram by Becris for Battering Ram
  • Spear by lastspark for Marauder
  • Spiked club for Brute
  • Hoplite by Eucalyp for Immortal
  • Slingshot by James Keuning for Slinger
  • warrior By DinosoftLab for Pictish Warrior (combined with Shamrock, see Promotions)

Classical Era

  • Catapult By Jakub Ukrop
  • Unloaded Crossbow By Hamish as Ballista
  • Bow and arrow By Lars Meiertoberens for Composite Bowman
  • Sword By Guilherme Furtado for Swordsman
  • Mohawk By Dairy Free Design for Mohawk Warrior
  • Roman Helmet By parkjisun for Legion
  • Horse By AFY Studio for Horseman
  • Horse Head By Juan Pablo Bravo for Companion Cavalry
  • Elephant By Angriawan Ditya Zulkarnain for African Forest Elephant. The original work has been modified.
  • Horse By Ranah Pixel Studio for Cataphract

Medieval Era

  • Ship By Vanisha for Galleass
  • Crossbow By Creaticca Creative Agency for Crossbowman
  • Longbow By Hamish for Longbowman
  • Trebuchet By Ben Davis
  • Sword By uzeir syarief for Longswordsman
  • Samurai By Chanut is Industries
  • Spear By Alvaro Cabrera for Pikeman
  • Halberd parkjisun for Landsknecht
  • Knight By Tyler Glaude

Renaissance Era

Industrial Era

  • Rifle By Chameleon Design for Rifleman
  • Bayonet By food lover for Carolean
  • soldier by ProSymbols for Mehal Sefari
  • Horse By Bakunetso Kaito for Cavalry
  • horse racing By Sergio Morozov for Cossack
  • Marching Band by Darrin Loeliger, US for Hussar. The original work has been modified.
  • Artillery By Creative Mania
  • Ship By Aisyah for Ironclad

Modern Era

Atomic Era

Information Era

  • Submarine by Freepik adapted for Nuclear Submarine
  • APC By Luke Anthony Firth for Mechanized Infantry
  • Battleship by Edi Prastyo for Missile Cruiser
  • Modern Armor By Public Domain Nouns for Modern Armor
  • Nuclear Missile By Lluisa Iborra, ES
  • Robot by Lluisa Iborra, ES for Giant Death Robot
  • Missile By ProSymbols for SS Booster
  • Rocket By BomSymbols for SS Cockpit
  • Engine By Andre for SS Engine
  • Chamber By IYIKON for SS Stasis Chamber

All Eras

  • Pallet By James Keuning for Great Artist
  • Gear By Melvin Salas for Great Engineer
  • Beaker By Delwar Hossain for Great Scientist
  • Dove by sandra for Great Prophet
  • General By anbileru adaleru for Great General
  • Religion by Bruno Gätjens González adapted for Missionary
  • invisibility cloak by Locad for Inquisitor




Ancient Era

Classical Era

Medieval Era

Renaissance Era

Industrial Era

Modern Era

Atomic Era

Information Era

All Era's

Social Policies


  • coat of arms By Martina Krasnayova for Oligarchy
  • Apple By EnQiu for Landed Elite
  • Crown By Alexander Skowalsky for Monarchy
  • Pyramid By Creative Stall for Aristocracy
  • Gavel By Rflor for Legalism


  • People By Elizabeth Lopez for Citizenship
  • Assembly By Noël Rasendrason for Republic
  • People By Gregor Cresnar for Meritocracy
  • People By Wilson Joseph for Representation
  • Torch By Hea Poh Lin for Collective Rule


  • Sword By dsathiyaraj for Military Tradition
  • Castle By Gabriele Malaspina for Military Caste
  • Roman Armor By Parkjisun for Professional Army
  • Shield By Kimmi Studio for Discipline
  • Spartan Helmet By Joni Ramadhan for Warrior Code


  • Protestantism By Evgeni Moryakov for Reformation
  • Temple By N.K.Narasimhan for Theocracy
  • Religion By Ben Avery for Free Religion
  • Flame By Ian Shoobridge for Mandate Of Heaven


  • Adapted from Gold by Aneeque Ahmed for Philantropy
  • Ornament by Tommy Suhartomo for Aesthetics
  • Book Gift by Wolf Böse for Scholasticism
  • agreement by RomanP for Cultural Diplomacy
  • professor by Andrew Doane for Educated Elite


  • Trade By Gregor Cresnar for Trade Unions
  • Pie Chart By Adrien Coquet for Protectionism
  • Coins By icon 54 for Mercantilism
  • Sextant By lastspark for Naval Tradition
  • captain by taamir468 and Wheel by Andrejs Kirma for Merchant Navy


  • Science By Three Six Five for Scientific Revolution
  • Graph By Ben Davis for Secularism
  • Logic By Jenya K for Sovereignty
  • Dialogue By ProSymbols for Free Thought
  • Logic By Arthur Shlain for Humanism




  • Adapted from Plan by Cattaleeya Thongsriphong for Planned Economy
  • Flag by Muhammad Tajudin for Nationalism
  • Communism By Valerio Poltrini for Socialism
  • Hammer and Sickle by Dmitry Baranovskiy for Communism
  • United by Izwar Muis for United Front



  • Agriculture By OCHA Visual Information Unit
  • Jug By Vladimir Belochkin for Pottery
  • Archery By icon 54
  • Mining By art shop
  • Sailing By Daniela Baptista
  • Sundial By Bonegolem for Calendar
  • Cuneiform By Michael Wohlwend for Writing
  • Trap By Sergey Demushkin for Trapping
  • innovative By Matt Brooks for The Wheel
  • Bricks By Vaibhav Radhakrishnan for Construction
  • Mallet By Ben Avery for Bronze Working






  • Gears By Aiden Icons for Replaceable Parts
  • Radio By Arthur Shlain
  • Piston By Proletkult Graphik for Combustion
  • Plastic By Yu luck
  • Microphone By Viktor Vorobyev for Mass Media
  • Flight By Genius Icons
  • Train By Federico Panzano for Railroad
  • Fridge By b farias for Refrigeration
  • telegraph by Luke Anthony Firth for Telegraph*







  • Sight By Jejen Juliansyah Nur Agung for Scouting
  • skill bow rain arrow by Maxicons for Barrage
  • Bomb By Angelo Troiano for Bombardment
  • Private E2 By Yeong Rong Kim for Shock
  • Private First Class By Yeong Rong Kim for Drill
  • Medic By Yohann Berger for Medic
  • City By iconcheese for Siege
  • Skull and Crossbones By Anton Outkine for Coastal Raider
  • Spear By Deemak Daksina for Formation
  • Wall By Graphic Tigers for Volley
  • Lightning By Mooms for Blitz
  • Move By Sandra for Mobility
  • accuracy By vigtographics for Targeting
  • location by Humantech for Accuracy
  • Plane By Tran Minh Villageois for Interception / Domain Air
  • Hammer by Thengakola for Air Repair
  • Hook By Yeong Rong Kim for Boarding Party
  • Leaf By Paul Verhulst for Indirect Fire
  • Move By Muneer A.Safiah for Logistics
  • Evasion By Anna Sophie for Evasion
  • Interrupt by Stephen Plaster for Ambush
  • Submarine by Lloyd Humphreys for Wolfpack
  • Axe by Brian Oppenlander for Woodsman
  • Competition by luca fruzza
  • Icon for Flight Deck is made by JackRainy
  • Icon for Armor Plating is made by JackRainy
  • Slingshot by James Keuning for Slinger Withdraw
  • Anchor by Gregor Cresnar for Amphibious / Domain Water
  • survival knife by b faris for Survivalism
  • Shamrock By P Thanga Vignesh for Pictish Courage
  • home sweet home By Silviu Ojog for Home Sweet Home
  • Star by Trent Kuhn for Dogfighting


  • Lightning Bolt by sian huxtable for Pantheon
  • Christianity by Public Domain Nouns for Christianity
  • Islam by Muhammed Riza for Islam
  • taoism by parkjisun for Taosim
  • Buddhism by Julio Yanes for Buddhism
  • Hinduism by Mugda Damle for Hinduism
  • Confucianism by Dabid J. Pascual for Confucianism
  • Judaism by Dabid J. Pascual for Judaism
  • Shinto by Dabid J. Pascual for Shinto
  • Sikhism by Dabid J. Pascual for Sikhism
  • Tengrism by Dabid J. Pascual for Tengriism
  • Zoroastrianism by Dabid J. Pascual for Zoroastrianism
  • praying by parkjisun for Religion (Civilopedia concept entry)
  • praying by Gan Khoon Lay for Follower
  • Hero by Andrew J. Young for Founder
  • yell by Adrien Coquet for Enhancer


Sound credits

Sounds are from unless otherwise noted and are either Creative Commons or Public Domain unless otherwise noted


The following music is from "Thatched Villagers" by Kevin MacLeod (

Trailer audio

The following audio is from Pixabay License - Beyond New Horizons - Free Epic Viking Medieval Soundtrack by GioeleFazzeri for background music - Beep 6 by Eponn for beep in Cross-Platform Play section - Cinematic Boom by Rizzard for final boom - Cymbal Swell 2 by rubberduckie for cymbal swells - hit of orchestral cymbals and bass drum by Selector for intro crash